Key Tips for Imparting Security for Internet of Things

IoT Enabled Devices
IoT Enabled Devices

Technology is bringing in various advancements each day, and it has resulted in the popular assumption that around 6.4 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices would be in use in the coming years, which is an increase by thirty percent from the year 2015. However, all these advanced technologies are also bringing in a lot of potential threats for security such as malware and hacking. 

It is for this reason, boosting the safety and security of IoT is given a lot of importance regardless of the number of devices you use it on. Here are some of the top tips that are beneficial for you to safeguard your IoT devices. 

Have a Clear Knowledge about the Connection 

The most important thing to know before making the device you use secure is knowing the elements that are vulnerable to attacks. The average home is assumed to have four to five connected devices apart from smartphones, computers, and tablets. The connected devices of your home can mostly include media players, game consoles, and any other device that has a camera or a microphone. It is important to note all these devices and confirm the information each of those devices has access to. 

Protect all Devices and Accounts in it Using Passwords 

One of the most crucial things that have to be kept in mind and made into practice is to protect all the devices that are managed using a web-based account using a strong username and password. The password should include a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers. Also, keep in mind to never use the same password for many accounts as a hacker would have wider access to those devices if it is done otherwise. 

Avoid the Use of Insecure Internet Connections 

Always keep in mind to not use Wi-Fi connections that are not protected with passwords, especially when you try to access the web on your devices like tablets or smartphones from remote places as insecure connections are one of the major threats that make your devices easy to hack. Also, make sure to set strong passwords for your Wi-Fi connections and router and also to update them regularly as it can improve the security of your network. 

Secure your Smartphone 

In the case of misplacing or losing your phone, a hacker can easily access your personal information saved on your device. Hence it is always better to make use of mobile security programs that allow you to back up all the data on your device to an online account. It also helps in tracking the location of your device when it is lost, and remotely lock and clean your phone’s memory. A PIN or password set on your device can provide you with an added layer of protection. 

Always Create a Separate Network for your Device 

Several routers are used for the setting up of multiple networks. Turning to the manual of your router can help you to create separate networks for your IoT-based devices. As you segment your network more, it would be very hard for hackers to get access to all your devices and the information saved in them. 

Install a Firewall on your Devices 

The firewalls on your devices prevent common threats like viruses, hackers, and worms from attacking your device over the web as the deny access to unauthorized traffic. Many computer systems offer a default firewall, and this is enough for most of the users. Installing a firewall on your device can act as extra protection as it offers more security functions that satisfy the needs of the users. Configuring a hardware firewall is also a good idea to get wider defense for your networks. 

Update the Security Patches Soon 

All smart devices release system updates regularly to address the flaws relating to security and issues of the users. Always make it a habit to install system updates soon after they are available to you as it can make your device stay more protected. Periodical checking on the website of the device’s manufacturer can be helpful to have an idea about the release of the next updates and other announcements related to security. Also, many devices have settings that allow automatic installation of the latest updates. 

Keep the Devices Disconnected when they are not in Use

Always turn off your devices when they are not used, especially the ones that are equipped with video cameras and microphones. Even when there are a lot of connected devices like thermostats that need constant connection with the web, there are many other devices that do not require a connection. Keep note of those devices to turn them off when they are not in use. You can prevent a hacker connecting to your audio and video streams by disconnecting the connections when you can. 

Top Most Applications of Internet of Things

Internet Of Things
Internet Of Things

Corporate companies are in the rivaling competition of introducing IoT enabled products into the market every day. By holding a huge hype, IoT based applications are largely aiding to the growth of the business sector. Here are some of the topmost applications of the Internet of Things.

Application in Smart Homes

IoT has been providing numerous applications to the world, smart homes being distinct among them all. It has been noted that more than 60,000 people seem to be searching for Smart homes, which is not a big surprise these days. The company analytics of IoT database for smart homes includes around 256 companies as well as start-up organizations. Also, the overall funding for smart home start-ups exceeds $2.5 billion.

Application in Smart City

Smart city solutions usually promise to lessen the problems of people who are living in cities by providing them with options on traffic management, waste management, environmental monitoring, water distribution, urban security and so on. They also solve problems that are been caused due to traffic congestion and help to reduce air and noise pollution, thereby making the cities safer.

Application in Smart Farming

Since smart farming does not fit into the most known categories like health, mobility, or commerce, it has been an overlooked case of business for IoT. IoT has been effectively revolutionizing the way farmers work by providing them a great help in the overall monitoring of farming. Smart farming applications are expected to become the most important in countries that are exporting agriculture products.

Application in Smart Chain Supply 

IoT has been bringing up effective solutions for smarter supply chains like the tracking of goods, gaining of suppliers, and exchanging inventory information. In recent years, smart chain supplies have been benefiting a lot with the use of IoT in it.

Applications in Smart Grids

Smart grids, which are been developed in recent years, promises to use details and information about the suppliers and consumers of electricity. These applications have helped a lot in improving the overall efficiency, and reliability of electric power.

Applications in Digital Health

The application of IoT benefits the well-being of people since connected health-care systems and software applications bear huge potential in the medical sector.

Application in Connected Cars

The application of IoT in connected cars is a technology that is coming up and the automotive industry has been widely working on the ideas of incorporating IoT based technologies and solutions in cars for the past few years. 

Applications of Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet Of Things
Internet Of Things

Internet of things is a system in which computing devices are interrelated to transfer data without requiring human-to-computer or human-to human interactions. In fact, IoT provides users unique identifiers (UIDs) to transfer these data.

These smart devices capture our day-to-day used data and help us to complete various tasks. These devices are designed to interact with the users on a daily basis.

Applications of IoT

Connected Cars

This automotive technology focuses on improving the internal functions of a vehicle. Connected cars are designed to optimize its internal functions such as maintenance and passenger’s comfort using internet connection and sensors. Major auto brands nowadays are working to implement this facility on their vehicles.

Smart Cities

Smart cities are applications which generate curiosity among the public. Smart cities offer automated transportation, urban security, smart surveillance, energy management, environmental monitoring and water distribution to its citizens.

Smart cities are mainly made to solve public problems such as traffic congestion, pollution and shortage of energy supplies. Sensors are installed with the help of web applications to help citizens find available parking spots.


IoT applications are yet to make an impact on medical field. According to various researches, these applications are destined to play an important role in coming years. These devices collect data on health and analyses it to provide the best possible strategy to eliminate any illness.

Retail Business

IoT plays a crucial role in improving retailer’s relationship with the customers. Smartphones are used to improve purchasing experience and retailers could retain customers by constantly staying in touch with them.

Smart Home

Smart home is one of the most looked after application of IoT. If offers various functions such as switching on the AC or light before reaching home and unlocking the door to offer access to a friend. Smart home products can be operated easily and it saves energy, money and time.


Demand for food is increasing with the increase in population. Farmers are provided with new farming techniques to improve production. IoT provide insights to farmers on various fields and a better yield is made possible with these insights. Farmers are provided information on soil moisture, custom fertilizers and water usage.

Poultry and Farming

IoT applications play a major role in improving the health and well-being of an animal. These applications gather data on their health and analyses it to find any sickness. Thus, before an animal is fully affected by a disease, owners will be in a position to provide treatment.

Does IoT Pose Any Threats to your Business?

IoT Solutions
IoT Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) is now being widely used by a lot of businesses for improving their efficiency and boosting their security. This is a really wonderful technology that will provide you a wide range of benefits and potential savings. Therefore, the popularity of this technology has now increased greatly.

Along with the numerous advantages that IoT brings for businesses, it can also possess some security threats too. However, most people are not aware of these threats and do not take measures to prevent them. Hence, it can compromise the security of their system, thereby making it vulnerable to threats. If you are unaware of the IoT security challenges, we list some of them for giving you better knowledge. This will give you an insight into taking the right preventive measures when you plan to incorporate IoT solutions to your business.

Biggest Threats Posed by IoT to Businesses

Following are some of the important security threats that are possessed by IoT to your business:

Access to Sensitive Data

IoT systems will be responsible for controlling and coordinating sensitive data. It can handle highly confidential information regarding a business. Security systems including cameras, doorbells, etc. can be controlled by IoT systems, hence, if cybercriminals get access to this information, it can greatly compromise the security of your business, as your data may be misused by them. It can also affect the safety of other equipment including printers, scanners, etc. Therefore, the attacker will be able to view the data that is being printed or scanned using these systems.


Cybercriminals or hackers can bring together a large number of infected devices and systems into networks which are known as botnets. These botnets can be utilized for a wide range of malicious activities, but the commonly known use of these networks is in DDoS attacks.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks send out a stream of requests from the infected systems to the server, network or computer that the cybercriminal intends to bring down. As there will be a huge number of network requests, the targeted system cannot handle it and crashes. Hence, it will become unavailable to real users.


An IoT device that is hacked will allow the hacker to access its functions. Therefore, the hacker will be able to control the system according to his own will. The attacker may cause disruptions in the security devices or other significant system of the business, thereby, causing potential damage to the business and even for the employees.

The Role of IoT in Industrial Automation

Internet Of Things Applications
Internet Of Things Applications

The potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) is widely being utilized in the industrial sector. IoT made it possible to automate the industrial processes and it helped to boost the efficiency of these processes along improving productivity and increasing the profit. Therefore, IoT has become an inevitable part of every industry. If you are planning to automate your business processes using IoT, we list some of the important internet of things applications and benefits for helping you to decide whether it is for you.

Benefits of IoT in industrial automation

IoT provides a lot of benefits for businesses. Following are some of the important benefits you will get by industrial automation with the help of IoT.

  • Great accuracy
  • Enhanced efficiency and performance
  • Cost-effective
  • Less errors
  • Lower power needs
  • Quick completion of processes
  • Easy control and maintenance

If you want to keep up with the latest technological innovations, then IoT can be a great asset for you, as it can automate your industrial processes, thereby providing you better control over your business.

Internet of things Applications

IoT has a wide range of applications in the industrial field. A few of them are listed below:


IoT can be helpful to improve the security of your workplace. Fire sensors are a great example of applications of IoT in enhancing the security of your working premises. You can design different sophisticated and efficient security systems based on the specific requirements of your businesses.

IoT devices can constantly monitor the safety indicators so that they can identify the potential threats and save your workplace and employees from all the accidents.

Process Automation

With the help of IoT products, it became possible to automate the business processes, thereby reducing the need for the human workforce along with improving the efficiency of processes. It can provide a centralized system for controlling and coordinating all the tasks associated with your business.

Easy Maintenance

When connected with machines, IoT systems can monitor their working and can detect any anomalies in their working. Hence, it can indicate the problems associated with a machine before it breaks down. This will help you with the maintenance of different machines which are used for your business.

Data Analysis

IoT systems are capable of fetching real-time data associated with your business. Hence, you will be able to analyze all the data related to the different processes of your business. This will help you to optimize the processes and to solve the existing problems and to find out the potential threats.