About Us

IoT refers to internet-connected devices and objects that collect and share data. It is possible to turn virtually anything into an Internet of Things device provided it has the connectivity, or capability of being connected to the internet. IoT devices are used to communicate information. The data collected through these devices will be used for making decisions and boosting innovation.
The term ‘IoT’ is used to describe devices which would not generally have the internet connection, plus which can automatically communicate with networks. A smartphone has the capability for both, but it is no IoT device. This is because human beings directly interact with a mobile device. Conversely, smart sensors that detect smoke or light or temperature work automatically, so these are considered IoT devices.
IoT creates an ecosystem in which applications, devices and individuals interact. So while smartphones are no IoT devices, these are still part of the Internet of Things ecosystem.
We provide information about what is going in the world of IoT on this website. We post information about anything related to it here. That any information could be about industrial internet of things (IioT) as well. IIoT simply means the use of this technology in industrial applications.