Applications of Internet of Things (IoT)

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Internet Of Things

Internet of things is a system in which computing devices are interrelated to transfer data without requiring human-to-computer or human-to human interactions. In fact, IoT provides users unique identifiers (UIDs) to transfer these data.

These smart devices capture our day-to-day used data and help us to complete various tasks. These devices are designed to interact with the users on a daily basis.

Applications of IoT

Connected Cars

This automotive technology focuses on improving the internal functions of a vehicle. Connected cars are designed to optimize its internal functions such as maintenance and passenger’s comfort using internet connection and sensors. Major auto brands nowadays are working to implement this facility on their vehicles.

Smart Cities

Smart cities are applications which generate curiosity among the public. Smart cities offer automated transportation, urban security, smart surveillance, energy management, environmental monitoring and water distribution to its citizens.

Smart cities are mainly made to solve public problems such as traffic congestion, pollution and shortage of energy supplies. Sensors are installed with the help of web applications to help citizens find available parking spots.


IoT applications are yet to make an impact on medical field. According to various researches, these applications are destined to play an important role in coming years. These devices collect data on health and analyses it to provide the best possible strategy to eliminate any illness.

Retail Business

IoT plays a crucial role in improving retailer’s relationship with the customers. Smartphones are used to improve purchasing experience and retailers could retain customers by constantly staying in touch with them.

Smart Home

Smart home is one of the most looked after application of IoT. If offers various functions such as switching on the AC or light before reaching home and unlocking the door to offer access to a friend. Smart home products can be operated easily and it saves energy, money and time.


Demand for food is increasing with the increase in population. Farmers are provided with new farming techniques to improve production. IoT provide insights to farmers on various fields and a better yield is made possible with these insights. Farmers are provided information on soil moisture, custom fertilizers and water usage.

Poultry and Farming

IoT applications play a major role in improving the health and well-being of an animal. These applications gather data on their health and analyses it to find any sickness. Thus, before an animal is fully affected by a disease, owners will be in a position to provide treatment.

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