Does IoT Pose Any Threats to your Business?

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Internet of Things (IoT) is now being widely used by a lot of businesses for improving their efficiency and boosting their security. This is a really wonderful technology that will provide you a wide range of benefits and potential savings. Therefore, the popularity of this technology has now increased greatly.

Along with the numerous advantages that IoT brings for businesses, it can also possess some security threats too. However, most people are not aware of these threats and do not take measures to prevent them. Hence, it can compromise the security of their system, thereby making it vulnerable to threats. If you are unaware of the IoT security challenges, we list some of them for giving you better knowledge. This will give you an insight into taking the right preventive measures when you plan to incorporate IoT solutions to your business.

Biggest Threats Posed by IoT to Businesses

Following are some of the important security threats that are possessed by IoT to your business:

Access to Sensitive Data

IoT systems will be responsible for controlling and coordinating sensitive data. It can handle highly confidential information regarding a business. Security systems including cameras, doorbells, etc. can be controlled by IoT systems, hence, if cybercriminals get access to this information, it can greatly compromise the security of your business, as your data may be misused by them. It can also affect the safety of other equipment including printers, scanners, etc. Therefore, the attacker will be able to view the data that is being printed or scanned using these systems.


Cybercriminals or hackers can bring together a large number of infected devices and systems into networks which are known as botnets. These botnets can be utilized for a wide range of malicious activities, but the commonly known use of these networks is in DDoS attacks.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks send out a stream of requests from the infected systems to the server, network or computer that the cybercriminal intends to bring down. As there will be a huge number of network requests, the targeted system cannot handle it and crashes. Hence, it will become unavailable to real users.


An IoT device that is hacked will allow the hacker to access its functions. Therefore, the hacker will be able to control the system according to his own will. The attacker may cause disruptions in the security devices or other significant system of the business, thereby, causing potential damage to the business and even for the employees.

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