The Difference between IoT and IT Security

The internet of things undoubtedly poses a huge impact on the present digital world. Still, the concerns about IoT security are widespread. It is to be noted that when it comes to the internet of things, the software involved is likely to be disposed of. In other words, IoT does not provide maintenance or upgrade features for the devices of their clients. Sometimes, it might offer support to their high-end clients but only for a few years. In short, from the security point of view, IoT devices are likely to get susceptible to damages or threats as they get older.

For instance, the electronic appliances in your home such as refrigerators, TV, microwave ovens, automobiles, AC, etc., feature a long lifecycle and hence, it demands regular maintenance. However, these objects are not replaced until they stop functioning or the repair bill gets too high. After all, people barely replace such things just because its manufacturer stopped supporting it after a few years. This can make them susceptible to security issues.

Why IoT security is extremely significant?

IoT security is given more prominence than IT security. Note that the IoT landscape can pose a multitude of threats to even the most organized and well prepared IT organizations since it is connected to the physical world. Hence, it is important to assess possible threats or issues that may arise before deploying IoT solutions. Unfortunately, most people are still not aware of the systematic differences between IoT security and IT security. This can lead to big complications. To help you out with this, below are some of the major factors that separate IoT security from the characteristics of traditional IT security.

Environment – IoT devices are deployed in an intimidating environment and are exposed to natural elements making them susceptible to tampering

Volume and Variety – when compared to the IT devices used in an organization, the number and types of IoT devices and networks are way higher

Consequence – the worst thing that can happen if your IT security gets breached is that you are likely to end up as a news story. When it comes to IoT security breach, the equipment is likely to stop functioning and this can sometimes lead to devastating results. For instance, an unsecured medical device can put the patient in an awful situation ruining the reputation of the company.

Organization – IoT can bridge the operational system or the chief operating officer and informational system or the chief information officer of an enterprise who might share different perspectives when it comes to the security as well as the progress of the company.

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