Why The IoT Matters Today?

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IoT Enabled Devices
IoT Enabled Devices

In today’s world we live in, the number of IoT enabled devices are more than the number of humans walking the planet. It enables sending, receiving, and taking actions on the data shared between devices. Therefore, it becomes important to be updated with the concept of IoT. Let us take it from the start, here we go!

The Internet Of Things

IoT or The Internet of Things implies a wide variety of things or devices that are connected with the internet. It facilitates data sharing between the things or the devices connected to the internet. Things or devices mentioned here can be IoT enabled devices, IoT applications, industrial machines, and more. With the help of the built-in sensors, the devices can exchange data and thereby improve our work environment.

History Of IoT

The term Internet of Things owes its existence to an entrepreneur Kevin Ashton. He coined this name in a presentation he held in the year 1999 and the name has stayed intact ever since. He may have given a name to it, however, the concept of many devices being connected and exchanging data has been in practice since the late 1830s.

Users Of IoT

For the sake of convenience, I have grouped the users into industries. So, let us look at some of the industries that are making the best use of IoT products.

Retail Industry

The retail industry derives benefits from IoT by uniting the data from the various analytics as well as marketing processes from different locations. With the help of the digital channels, they capture the data and apply the analytics to it. This helps them understand the behavioral patterns of their customers and also their preferences. 

Manufacturing Industry

With the use of IoT products, the manufacturing industry can connect will all of the stages of manufacturing. This facilitates in getting a cohesive view of the product data, production as well as the processing.

Health Care Industry

With the use of IoT devices like wearables, doctors can monitor their patient’s exercise patterns, sleep habits, and other related habits, etc. The data so collected can be used to provide precise treatment plans and diagnoses. 

Logistics And Transportation Industry

The use of IoT technology in the logistics and transportation industry enables greater efficiency, improved service delivery, and boosted customer satisfaction, etc.

In addition to the already discussed industries, the energy industry and Government can also reap the benefits of the IoT products.

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