Measures To Secure Your IoT Devices

IoT Connected Devices
Secure Your IoT Devices
Secure Your IoT Devices

Growing need to stay connected has increased the relevance of IoT Technology. Turning off a TV at home, adjusting the temperature of the air conditioner, pre-heating the oven, locking or unlocking a door, checking the cameras at home, you can do it all remotely with IoT.

When the volume of data increases with more devices being connected through the internet, the privacy concerns see a proportional increase. The more connected your devices are, the more vulnerable they are to security attacks.

What Measures Can You Take To Secure IoT Devices?

Here are some of the ways to ensure IoT device security:

  • Install efficient internet security software on your smartphones, tablets, and computers for real-time protection against presently existing and newly evolving malware including ransomware.
  • Enable strong password protection to WiFi networks, device accounts, and other connected devices.  Don’t choose loose passwords that can be guessed easily.
  • If a device or app requires access to data that is not necessary for its operation, granting permission is a wrong step.
  • Devices have access to a lot of personal data. You should have a clear idea about the way IoT devices collect, store, and process the data. Know how well the data is protected, whether it is shared with third parties and the policies regarding data breaches.
  • Use a VPN to secure the data transmitted on your public WiFi or home.
  • Be careful about internet security especially when you use apps. Read their privacy policy thoroughly before granting them permissions and installing them.
  • Check the official website of the device’s manufacturer on a regular basis to find out firmware updates.
  • Be careful when you use social sharing features with apps. Social sharing features can show your location information to the connected people and let them know when you are away from home. Cybercriminals may make use of this loophole to track your movements, making you a victim of cyberstalking.
  • If you are in a public space, take care to not leave your phone unattended. If you do not require WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity when in a crowded space, turn them off to avoid chances of data breach.

When the ways to access information increase, you can be targeted by people who look forward to making profit by accessing your personal data by fraudulent ways. To ward off the attacks by cybercriminals, you have to build a strong armor of internet security.

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