Benefits of Internet of Things in Education

Internet of Things Applications
Internet of Things Applications

Today the devices around us are becoming smarter with various innovations in technology. Internet of things (IoT) is a new technology paradigm that can connect devices around us. Internet of things applications can be found in many sectors like finance, travel, and education.

An IoT system designed for colleges and schools can keep track of major resources, create smarter lesson plans, design secure campuses, enhance and speed up information access, and much more. During times of crisis, e-learning can be of major help to educate children. Millions of people all around the world are benefited from using e-learning platforms.

Major Applications of IoT in Education

Interactive Learning Experience

Nowadays learning concepts are not limited to textbooks anymore. Textbooks are connected to websites that provide videos, animations, and online assessments. Students can access these sites by scanning the QR codes provided in their textbooks. The extra educational materials provide deeper insights for students and enhance their knowledge level and creativity.

Safety and Security

Crimes against school children are increasing day by day. IoT can be used for real-time monitoring of children and to ensure their safety and security in emergencies. In this way, parents can also keep track of their little ones. Also, this reduces human effort in keeping track of attendance and ensures the punctuality of children.

Educational Applications

Many people are coming up with different educational applications that provide a platform for e-learning. They are much cheaper compared to other learning methods and are so effective in providing one to one assistance to children. We can also set reminders in them for taking lessons. Students can access them without the intervention of others.

IoT Temperature Sensors

These sensors can monitor the temperature level in classrooms and can help us keep them in optimum limits so that students won’t be affected during their class hours.

IoT Benefits For Educators

IoT provides many benefits for teachers as well. Traditional grading systems are time-consuming and error-prone whereas IoT based grading systems are much efficient and take very little time. It does not show any kind of partiality or discrimination towards children. Also, IoT based applications help educators to identify children who require more attention.


The use of traditional blackboards and chalks can be eliminated. Smartboards are widely used today and these are used not just in classrooms but also in board meetings, sports training, etc.

Benefits For Disabled Students

Physically impaired students also find it easy to use e-learning platforms and applications, providing them great opportunities to learn.

The Role of IoT in Industrial Automation

Internet Of Things Applications
Internet Of Things Applications

The potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) is widely being utilized in the industrial sector. IoT made it possible to automate the industrial processes and it helped to boost the efficiency of these processes along improving productivity and increasing the profit. Therefore, IoT has become an inevitable part of every industry. If you are planning to automate your business processes using IoT, we list some of the important internet of things applications and benefits for helping you to decide whether it is for you.

Benefits of IoT in industrial automation

IoT provides a lot of benefits for businesses. Following are some of the important benefits you will get by industrial automation with the help of IoT.

  • Great accuracy
  • Enhanced efficiency and performance
  • Cost-effective
  • Less errors
  • Lower power needs
  • Quick completion of processes
  • Easy control and maintenance

If you want to keep up with the latest technological innovations, then IoT can be a great asset for you, as it can automate your industrial processes, thereby providing you better control over your business.

Internet of things Applications

IoT has a wide range of applications in the industrial field. A few of them are listed below:


IoT can be helpful to improve the security of your workplace. Fire sensors are a great example of applications of IoT in enhancing the security of your working premises. You can design different sophisticated and efficient security systems based on the specific requirements of your businesses.

IoT devices can constantly monitor the safety indicators so that they can identify the potential threats and save your workplace and employees from all the accidents.

Process Automation

With the help of IoT products, it became possible to automate the business processes, thereby reducing the need for the human workforce along with improving the efficiency of processes. It can provide a centralized system for controlling and coordinating all the tasks associated with your business.

Easy Maintenance

When connected with machines, IoT systems can monitor their working and can detect any anomalies in their working. Hence, it can indicate the problems associated with a machine before it breaks down. This will help you with the maintenance of different machines which are used for your business.

Data Analysis

IoT systems are capable of fetching real-time data associated with your business. Hence, you will be able to analyze all the data related to the different processes of your business. This will help you to optimize the processes and to solve the existing problems and to find out the potential threats.