What Is The Impact Of IoT Solutions On Automation?

IoT Solutions
IoT Solutions

IoT or the internet of things is a network of hardware products and software applications that interact with each other. IoT products range from devices like smart-watches to cars. The common link that connects them is the presence of smart sensors and their ability to connect through a wireless network and the internet. Also, a significant portion of the data used for training AI platforms and machine learning algorithms comes from these devices with the user’s consent. Shared below are the details about major ways in which IoT is automating the world.

Solving Big And Small Problems

The multitude of environmental data collected by IoT solutions is playing a significant role in predicting the consequences of climate change. Likewise, it is used for monitoring and tracking endangered species which was difficult in the past. Now, when we come to our daily life, the trackers embedded in our phones and other smart devices helps us to find them when misplaced. Moreover, wearable IoT devices made medical diagnosis more accurate resulting in increased recovery rates.

Bigger Market For Smart Products

The number of people using smart devices like wristwatches, speakers, and tablets, etc., is increasing every day. Thus the market for IoT devices is expanding rapidly, and the amount of data recorded by these devices is on a rise. This data is useful for purposes like automation, developing AI and machine learning platforms, research, and many more. This is a major source of revenue if utilized properly, and companies are specializing as IoT service providers. Some of the biggest tech organizations in the world like Google and Apple have developed and launched platforms to tap into the potential of IoT products. Furthermore, the segment of IoT devices that have the highest growth potential is healthcare.

Developing Smart Cities

The integration of IoT solutions into public infrastructure helps to transform cities into smart cities. For example, the existing optic fiber network can be used to install environmental sensors to monitor energy consumption. The information thus collected is utilized for installing automated streetlamps that adjust brightness depending on the presence of pedestrians. Apart from this, the network of sensors can be used for measuring noise pollution, air quality, the density of people in a locality, traffic, and give free public internet. This directly impacts the revenue of the city by reducing energy costs, and more people move in because of the improved quality of life.

These are the three major ways in which automation by IoT solutions improve our daily life.

Ways To Boost IoT Application Reviews And Ratings

IoT Solutions
IoT Solutions

Mobility solutions, coupled with IoT capabilities, enable monitoring, analysing and controlling smart connected objects all remotely. This boosts the demand for developing the internet of things apps with better user experience (UX).

Anyhow, end users check the ratings of the internet of things applications to confirm that these apps work efficiently with connected IoT products. If there are negative ratings for the application, customers choose not to use it and the IoT product, which then causes big loss to both IoT service vendors and original equipment manufacturers. Therefore, keeping or improving positive reviews could have a big effect on user engagement. With this in mind, let us take a look at some strategies to make the reviews and ratings better.

Integrating Debugging Features

According to industry standards, end to end testing matters not just for IoT solutions but also for mobile applications. Still, customers are likely to find problems that did not occur in the pre-launch validation process, because IoT product setting setups at their side are dynamic.

To overcome these kinds of real-time problems, debugging features should be integrated into the IoT application so that debug information regarding the issues can be collected. The said information simplifies analyzing the setup and resolving customer problems without having to stress consumers for further details.

The feature has to capture important errors, details regarding user interaction, and events, which all can aid in identifying the problems. However, one must avoid capturing sensitive details such as cloud tokens, credentials, or decryption/encryption keys to not harm user privacy.

Releasing The App Updates Regularly

It is important to update the mobile application frequently because this will play a part in the reviews and ratings. Occasionally, updated mobile operating systems change native framework behavior, which then causes certain app features to not work or even to entire app failure. Recent mobile OS updates continued to change permission methods of native features such as Bluetooth and location services, which possibly sabotages service-dependent application features. Roll out updates to confirm that the application works properly, without the aforementioned kinds of situations.

Integrating Analytics Tool

Analytics tools can provide insights into the ways of improving application performance, identifying useful features for customers, and improving user retention. Anything that customers do on the screen can give valuable details regarding that feature, its functionality, or section of the application that they find the most useful.

Customers are usually hesitant to report problems they find in their applications. Consequently, analytics tools record their behavior when navigating through their app. This will help to identify issues they experience or failures in the application screen without having to interact with them.

How IoT Can Benefit Healthcare Industry?

IoT Products
IoT Products

IoT is now being utilized in different fields including education, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, etc. Another important industry that utilizes the potential of IoT products is the healthcare industry. The use of IoT solutions in the medical field has paved the way for developing efficient medical equipment and treatment methods that can be beneficial for providing enhanced safety for the patients. Hence, IoT is transforming the healthcare industry by improving treatment options and reducing healthcare costs.

IoT can provide a large number of benefits for patients, doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies. Some of the important benefits provided by IoT products in the healthcare industry are mentioned below:

Benefits Of IoT For Patients

IoT made it possible to constantly monitor the health of patients with the help of wearables such as fitness bands and many other devices that are wirelessly connected to each other. This includes glucometer, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitoring cuffs, etc.

The data collected by these devices will be transferred to the healthcare providers so that the patients will be able to get health advice even if they do not visit the clinic or hospital. Hence, patients now get personalized care and attention. These wearables and other health monitors can be tuned to remind the patients about the calorie count, appointments, exercise check, blood pressure variations, and a lot more.

Benefits Of IoT For Doctors

IoT made it possible for doctors to remotely monitor the health conditions of patients. Different wearables and other health monitors will transfer the real-time data to the physicians so that they will be able to know the variations in the health conditions of the patients. This can be useful for finding whether a patient needs immediate medical attention. Therefore, the physicians are now able to connect with their patients proactively. Data collected by the wearables will be useful for doctors to decide the right treatment plans for a patient.

Benefits Of IoT For Hospitals

Apart from monitoring the health of patients, IoT can provide a large number of other benefits for hospitals. With the help of IoT products, it is possible to track the location of medical equipment like wheelchairs, nebulizers, defibrillators, oxygen pumps, and different other monitoring equipment. In addition to this, the deployment of staff at various locations can also be analyzed real-time with IoT.

IoT can also be useful for assisting in asset management, environmental monitoring, etc. Hence, hospitals can get a large number of benefits by using IoT products.

The use of IoT in the healthcare industry helped to improve the efficiency of treatments and patient care. It can benefit patients, doctors, and hospitals. Hence, the use of IoT in this field will significantly increase in the following years.

How To Ensure Security In Healthcare Sector During Covid Pandemic Using IoT?

IoT Security Solutions
IoT Security Solutions

The COVID pandemic has given cybercriminals a golden opportunity. According to the CEO of Cynerio, Leon Lerman, the attacks on business servers and their systems have increased by a startling 300 percent since the pandemic started. One of the most affected sectors is healthcare. Not only are they going through the pressure from the spreading of the virus, but they are also under constant threat from cybercriminals and have to take preventive measures to preserve clinical networks, medical services, and ensure the safety of patients. 

How Vulnerable Is The Healthcare System?

You might wonder why the healthcare system is targeted. What can anyone gain from it? How safe is the data in the sector? Let’s look at how vulnerable the health sector is.

Personal Health Information

The PHI is extremely valued, especially in the black market, and can cost thousands. Keeping it from the hands of an attacker is crucial.

Poor Security Systems

The increase in the standard of security in other sectors does not apply in the health sector. Many were not designed to connect to networks and do not have any built-in protocols. In fact, around 70 percent of IoMT devices use Windows that are not supported now.

The Usual Does Not Work

The working of IoMT devices is not like that of others. They even have different communication patterns. If not regulated, standard firewall and NAC policies could hinder the normal functioning of the important devices leading to a threat to patient safety.

Movement Of Healthcare Devices

The number of IoMT devices connected now is around 50 million and it is predicted to grow to 50 billion by 2028. These devices are often moved to different wards or sometimes even to another locality without any security measures. Therefore, it is best to monitor those using IoMT asset management solutions.

Increase In The Number Of Attacks

The attacks on healthcare systems in the old times used to be much difficult. Nowadays, amateur hackers can easily carry out attacks on non-medical devices and can cause harm. 

How Can We Prevent Attacks Using IoT Solutions?

Spread Awareness

One of the best ways to avoid cyberattacks is by educating everyone, from patients to employees, about cyberthreats and healthy cybersecurity practices.

Zero Trust Security

Zero trust security adaption will ensure that any attack will not reach sensitive information like electronic personal health information (ePHI). Having a Zero trust security prevents the threat from affecting these information.

Segment The Network

By segmenting the network, you can reduce the extent of the area affected during a cyberattack.

Employ IoT Security Solutions

IoT security solutions can easily work with IT healthcare tools and manage security projects. 

Even though the current situation is not preferable, we can make it better by the optimum use of advanced IoT facilities. 

Important Industries That UtilizeThe Potential Of IoT

IoT Solutions
IoT Solutions

Internet of things (IoT) is now widely being used by different industries. This advanced technology has made the works faster and efficient. A lot of industries are now leveraging the potential of IoT solutions for improving their efficiency and reducing human efforts. IoT can be referred to as a network of interconnected devices that has the capability to communicate with each other. Therefore, IoT solutions will work even without human interference.

Internet of things technology is now used in different fields including business, agriculture, education, etc. Therefore, we are listing some of the important industries that utilize the potential of IoT. 

Manufacturing Industry

This industry is using the help of IoT for enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the manufacturing operations. This technology can be beneficial for monitoring and maintenance of different machines and equipment, optimizing manufacturing processes, etc. IoT is also being utilized in this field for tracking factory assets and increasing analytics functionality.

Automobile Industry

The automobile industry has developed greatly after the introduction of IoT. Driverless cars and car GPS systems are some of the important examples of IoT in this industry. IoT makes it possible for automobile companies to respond to real-time mechanical issues and update the software using data communication. In addition to this, IoT solutions can also be useful for improving the performance of vehicles and facilitating better safety.


IoT is now being utilized in the agricultural sector too. It is used for monitoring the growth of crops, facilitating irrigation facilities, soil testing, etc. IoT helped to reduce manual labor in this field. This technology increased productivity. Therefore, farmers are now able to meet the requirements of the growing population with the help of this technology.

Healthcare Industry

Another important field where IoT solutions are being utilized is in the healthcare industry. IoT made it possible to provide better patient care and effective treatments. With the help of this technology, it became possible for doctors to constantly monitor the health of patients remotely. Therefore, IoT has helped to bring a lot of advancements in the medical sector.


The banking and finance sector is also using the potential of IoT. It has helped to ensure secure transactions in the banking sector. It also facilitated the development of new banking technologies like ATM, mobile banking, smart cash, etc.

IoT is now widely being utilized in various fields. It can help to improve the performance and efficiency of various processes associated with different businesses. Innovations are being made in this field for helping the industries to completely leverage the potential for this technology for enhancing their performance.

Importance Of IoT And Automation For Businesses

IoT Products
IoT Products

Internet of things (IoT)has shrunk the world into a network of billions of connected devices that can be managed from anywhere. IoT made it possible for different devices to stay connected to each other and to the internet. This technology has created a great buzz in the business field, as it is useful for improving the efficiency of businesses, thereby helping them to flourish. It helped businesses to boost productivity, efficiency, and agility by automating different tasks associated with them. Therefore, a large number of businesses are now utilizing the potential of IoT for improving their performance and generate more revenue.

The following are some of the important uses and benefits of IoT in business:

Brought Intelligence To Asset Management And Supply Chain

Asset management is one of the major headaches that most organizations face, especially if it’s a huge one. Efficient utilization of the assets are very important for ensuring maximum production and minimum wastage. But managing the assets of a company manually is a tedious task and it can result in a large number of errors too. But with the help of IoT products, it became possible to automate this process.

Another important application of IoT is in the supply chain management. It is important to keep track of the journey of each of your products from the manufacturing unit to the consumer. This can be done efficiently with the help of IoT solutions, as it capable of tracking the movement of each of your products individually using different tracking devices.

Boost Conversion By Giving Better Customer Insights

Businesses can use the help of IoT for understanding the behavior of their customers. It will be useful for learning the interests and preferences of each customer. Hence, businesses can provide product suggestions or special offers that are suitable for each of their customer. With IoT products, it is possible to track the previous purchases of customers and their movement. Companies can use this data for creating products that suit the special requirements of the customers thereby increasing the conversion rate.

Boost Safety Compliance

IoT can be useful for ensuring the safety and security of the workplace. It can connect different systems together for detecting the presence of possible threats. Hence, employees can get a safe and secure working environment.

Facilitate Real-Time Decisions

IoT products can connect all the systems and processes associated with an organization. Therefore, it is possible to get real-time data related to these processes at any given time. This will be useful for decision making based on the current circumstances that are existing in an organization.

IoT is now bringing a large number of changes in the business field. It is useful for automating business processes for ensuring their maximum performance. This can help organizations to generate more profit by optimizing their working and increasing conversion rates.

Ways In Which IoT Benefits Ecommerce

IoT Solutions
IoT Solutions

E-commerce has witnessed a steady growth over the years with more people taking to online platforms and experts predicting the transformation of ecommerce sites into the ultimate retail platform. E-commerce sector has to adapt to the continuous evolution of technology in order to offer the best customer experience.

IoT has grown as global players in technology with multiple industrial technologies developing dependent on IoT systems. In this session, we discuss the ways in which e-commerce benefits from IoT.

Inventory Management 

IoT plays a crucial role in the operations of tracking inventory, making the process easier than ever before. RFID tags and IoT sensors streamlines the entire flow of inventory, facilitating real time inventory tracking.

IoT solutions eliminate the need of human intervention to store information like manufacturer’s details, product type, expiry date etc as automated systems handle all of these tasks. Out-of-stock products increase the chances for customer dissatisfaction and maintaining smart shelves makes significant contributions to reducing the possibility. IoT systems keep track of the number of sold products and automatically place orders once the reorder level is reached.


IoT products ensure the efficient management of warehouse operations by optimizing inventory in stock and eliminating over stock items. Perishable stock in the warehouse requires failsafe temperature monitoring which is best achieved using thermal sensors. E-commerce giants use warehouse robots that can move at appreciable speeds and increase the speed of picking and packing process.

Supply Chain Management

Efficacy of managing the supply chain operations is quintessential in the successful working of e-commerce operations. As IoT is the ideal tool to track the movement of goods from the place of production to the point of delivery, it ensures that the flow of goods is smooth.

Using GPS technology and RFID, the complete information about the items in transit including location, temperature etc can be obtained, making it easy to regulate the speed of transporting the goods as well the route. The arrival times of the goods can be predicted clearly with IoT technology, thereby avoiding the chances of losing shipments and misplacing.

Consumer experience

Personalization is the key to offering the best consumer experience and IoT systems help ecommerce stores to identify what is on trend in social media and offer appropriate product choices to the customers. By analyzing the browsing data of the customers IoT can identify the shopping patterns of individuals and target them better.

Keeping updated about technological advances is the key to the success and stability of businesses and businesses operating in the online platform should especially keep track of the technological trends. IoT assists the operations of ecommerce sites, making hectic tasks simple.

A List Of Top Applications Of IoT For Businesses

Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that is now widely being used in a lot of sectors. This breakthrough technology has made it possible to facilitate communication between different devices without human intervention. Hence, it became possible to transfer data between computing devices and other mechanical and digital machines easily.

This technology is making a great impact on the business field, as it helped to improve the efficiency of business processes. With the help of this technology, different devices, machines and systems related to a business can communicate with each other to facilitate their optimum working. The technology of IoT has made it possible for the devices to communicate with each other without the need for human interaction. Therefore, it helped in improving the efficiency of business processes thereby generating better revenue.

IoT has a lot of applications in the business sector. A lot of businesses are now utilizing the potential of this revolutionary technology for enhancing their efficiency and boosting their profit. Different IoT products are being introduced in the business field that can be utilized by different businesses for their own betterment. We list some of the important applications of IoT for business for helping you to decide whether this new generation technology is for you.

Data Generation

IoT systems use different devices for collecting and generating data including sensors, computing systems, etc. These sensors, when connected to different machines or systems, can collect data about their working and transfer it to a computer or other related systems. This data can be stored and analyzed for future needs. It can play a great role in decision making also.

In addition to this, these sensors will be able to detect the malfunctioning of machines and the possibility of their break down. It can be used to determine the efficiency of a particular system or procedure. Hence, it will be easy to make improvements and changes to different procedures when needed.

The data generated by IoT products will be very accurate and precise. Therefore, it will be helpful in eliminating the errors associated with data generation when done manually.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs associated with different machines and inventory management is one of the greatest concerns of all businesses. But IoT systems can be of great help to bring down these costs and to dissolve such issues with ease. IoT products have the capability to monitor the working of a machine consistently. Hence, any chances of malfunctioning can be detected in the early stages and the problems can be rectified before the machine breaks down. This can be helpful to reduce the maintenance costs. In addition to this, it can also reduce the downtime, thereby avoiding the loss of revenue associated with this problem.

Smarter Security

IoT solutions are widely used by a lot of businesses for ensuring the safety of their business processes and the security of their data. IoT systems can detect the presence of security threats that exist in the workplace. Hence, these systems can be used for ensuring the safety of the employees and for increasing the security of the working environment.

In addition to this, IoT systems are capable of protecting your data. It will help you to store all your businesses related data securely. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about data breach, cyber-attack or any such potential threats. It can implement a real-time system for keeping your data secure and also facilitate its easy management and access.

Customer Service And Support

This is a great application of IoT that helps businesses to always keep in touch with their customers and also for ensuring them better service and support. It can efficiently store all the customer-related information so that it will be easy to analyze the information about a particular customer.

IoT system can be used to automate the process of customer support, hence, your customers will get 24×7 service. This will increase the reputation and credibility of your business. Also, the automation of these processes can be helpful for you to reduce different costs associated with facilitating customer support.

Smoother Logistics

The storing of products and their logistics is a hectic task. It can be really difficult to keep track of the details of the products made and about their warehousing and transportation, especially for large-scale businesses. But IoT has made this task easy and efficient. It can be used to efficiently monitor the warehousing and dispatching of products.

It is also possible to keep track of the movement of a product from the manufacturer to the end-customer. This can be used to make sure that the product reached the right customer at the right time. Hence, it will help you to provide better customer satisfaction.

IoT products are now widely being utilized by businesses for improving their efficiency and increasing profit. It can be useful for automating the business processes and also for ensuring the control and coordination of different components related to a business. Therefore, IoT has the capability to facilitate the overall improvement of a business thereby aiding in revenue generation.

Knowing about the Incorporation of IoT into Everyday Life

IoT Solutions
IoT Solutions

Internet of Things along with connected technology is now rapidly changing the way people live. Several reports are coming to the forefront with strong predictions about connected devices, which can be helpful to exercise people’s knowledge about how connected devices were used in the past years and how it would be used in the coming years. More people are now getting enthusiastic to explore new technologies and to know how they can change their work experiences as well as personal lives in the coming years. 

The future of the next decade is expected to be greatly affected by IoT as more connected technologies are at the rage, and listed below are two of them.

Healthcare Wearables  

It is quite sure that wearable devices would have a big role to play in the lives of people in the coming years as well. Wireless earphones are in the top category for wearable devices and it seems like won’t be changing anytime soon. The adoption number of such wearablesby people all over the world is found to be promising around all categories. 

Wearables are expected to move away from just being a fashion statement and let consumers look at these devices to maintain their health and fitness. Researches and studies from GSMA reveal that about twenty-five percent of adults have fitness trackers and smartwatches. The number is expected to increase as more people depend on such devices for personalized healthcare. By then, more people can use wearable devices to monitor their health and reduce visiting their doctors and know about their health to manage the day to day management of their illness. 

Artificial Intelligence in Automation 

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that follows wearables, and it has started to change the way people work. It is believed that it would further revolutionize the workplace of more people by altering the nature of most jobs, which can help machines and humans to coexist together in several ways. 

The advancements in artificial intelligence can make more people to take up more different roles in their workplaces. It can reduce the need to have more positions that need repetitive work, and most works that could be directed to machines would be handled by them. This can often be regarded as a dramatic transition which would be different from everything we have witnessed till now and it is expected to be normal for employees as most of them wouldn’t need many positions, and employees will have more tasks that require creativity and ingenuity of humans. 

Does IoT Pose Any Threats to your Business?

IoT Solutions
IoT Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) is now being widely used by a lot of businesses for improving their efficiency and boosting their security. This is a really wonderful technology that will provide you a wide range of benefits and potential savings. Therefore, the popularity of this technology has now increased greatly.

Along with the numerous advantages that IoT brings for businesses, it can also possess some security threats too. However, most people are not aware of these threats and do not take measures to prevent them. Hence, it can compromise the security of their system, thereby making it vulnerable to threats. If you are unaware of the IoT security challenges, we list some of them for giving you better knowledge. This will give you an insight into taking the right preventive measures when you plan to incorporate IoT solutions to your business.

Biggest Threats Posed by IoT to Businesses

Following are some of the important security threats that are possessed by IoT to your business:

Access to Sensitive Data

IoT systems will be responsible for controlling and coordinating sensitive data. It can handle highly confidential information regarding a business. Security systems including cameras, doorbells, etc. can be controlled by IoT systems, hence, if cybercriminals get access to this information, it can greatly compromise the security of your business, as your data may be misused by them. It can also affect the safety of other equipment including printers, scanners, etc. Therefore, the attacker will be able to view the data that is being printed or scanned using these systems.


Cybercriminals or hackers can bring together a large number of infected devices and systems into networks which are known as botnets. These botnets can be utilized for a wide range of malicious activities, but the commonly known use of these networks is in DDoS attacks.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks send out a stream of requests from the infected systems to the server, network or computer that the cybercriminal intends to bring down. As there will be a huge number of network requests, the targeted system cannot handle it and crashes. Hence, it will become unavailable to real users.


An IoT device that is hacked will allow the hacker to access its functions. Therefore, the hacker will be able to control the system according to his own will. The attacker may cause disruptions in the security devices or other significant system of the business, thereby, causing potential damage to the business and even for the employees.